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Spain: Communities Documentary

Project #72015
Europe Media Spain

Spain is a complex setting in which to make disciples. The artifacts of Christianity are everywhere. The greatest monuments in many of its cities are church buildings. Holidays are all tied to the church calendar, and many would say they are Christian because of the sacraments they received as children. However, most Spaniard’s view of Jesus is shaped by things such as the Spanish Inquisition, legalistic dictatorships, and a church that often confused mission with political power. The vestiges of Christianity are maintained as adornment to their lives and traditions, but few have genuine, fruit-bearing faith in Jesus Christ.

To reach Spaniards who have been disillusioned with Christianity, a documentary is being created to share the story of a revival that took place in Burgos, Spain in the 70’s and early 80’s. This is a story of people going against the cultural and religious current of the day because they had been transformed through a relationship with Jesus. They were fully devoted to Him even though it meant being ostracized by friends, family, and the established religious authority. In many ways, they reflected the life change that happened in the early chapters of Acts.

The goal of this documentary is to open the eyes of secular Spaniards who have rejected Christianity, showing them that the cultural Christianity they are familiar with does not align with the Bible or represent Jesus and the Kingdom of God. Our hope is that this documentary will allow people to examine the claims of the gospel apart from their cultural and religious preconceptions. In addition, we believe the wider Protestant community in Spain will be encouraged and emboldened by this documentary as they learn the history of the Protestant movement in Spain.

Avant has created a project to support the production of this documentary by a team of Spanish believers in Burgos. Our goal is to raise $10,000 to support the creation of this film. 

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