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How to Have 2020 Vision in This Strange Time
As the panorama of whitening fields met my eyes this morning, a verse so clear it could have been inscribed across the scene collided with the 2020 turmoil rolling in my mind and pressing in my heart. It wrote itself over ugly television images and news headlines.
Weathering The Storm Together
Testimonies are powerful. Each one of us has one and God uses our testimony to encourage others. Be encouraged as you read the following testimonies from one of our missionaries in Italy and see how God was at work before the virus, and how He has continued to work, despite the virus.
Loving with All He Has Given
Everything in our lives - every moment, decision, ability, and resource - is an opportunity for us to use our muchness for Him. May this season be less about getting our to-do list updated, but rather focused on loving God and our neighbor.
Abraham: Lessons For Us Today
God gives us hope even when we have circumstances that can be really challenging. May we learn to trust and put our hope in Him, as He grows us to be more like Him.